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TV Blunders

Two separate 15 minute scenes - in the first, new girl Sammy wants to watch the motor racing but Graham won't let her - in the second another new girl Cherry proves to John the wrestling on the TV is faked and shows him what real wrestling is like

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Mistress Sammy

Sammy's Challenge

A wrestling match turns sexy as Sammy decides to strip off and play with herself whilst sitting on her victim's face!

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SAS Smother

SAS soldier Sammy's trapped Dave the double agent and tortures him until he's forced to give her the password to his laptop before silencing him ... permanently!

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Spaghettie Smother

Sammy's made her husband spaghetti for dinner but he complains it's cold - she's not happy he's complaining about her cooking again so they start fighting but Graham is no match for Sammy and after he admits defeat she force feeds him his dinner!

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