Mistress Jessica Jaymes

Slow And Steady - Mistress Jessica Will Torment You Till Your Head Spins And You Crawl  Powerless At Her Feet!


Height:  5' 9"

Years of experience as a Domme pro or lifestyle: Lifestyle since I was a teenager. But I try to keep that very private.


How and why did you start Domming men: Deadlydommes contacted my agent to be in a shoot they we're having at a 5 star hotel in LA. I checked out their site and thought it was awesome! Very cool. This was my first Femdom shoot. I'm not an agressive, man hater, sadistic mega bitch type Domme. I'm more slow, calculating and flirtatious in my Domming. I like toying with men without them knowing I'm toying with them. So I play the sex kitten and hurt them with grace and a smooth tough. So they are confused. Slow and steady wins the race and my Domme style is low key but most effective I think. You don't want to scare the bunnies..you have to coax them in and control them with softness or they will get scared and run. That's no fun.


our favorite femdom fetishes real or fantasy: Pretty much the film I shot with Deadly Dommes. Extreme Luxury mixed with pain and pleasure.


What turns you on the most as a Domme: See above


How often do you think about BDSM: Honestly, not a lot. I just sorted live it. Don't think about it. I always am toying with men and one upping them.


Femdom motto: "Oh, I'm sorry sweatheart ..did that hurt?